*This site is totally commercial
as I’m introducing my work, skills and business here.
Also many links on this site are either affiliate or introducing my own work in commercial purposes.
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Despite that, I am truly trying to help you out here whether you’re just starting your own business or are already a keen entrepreneur searching for help in marketing or content writing.

Anything you do or will find on this page you’re welcome to use for learning new skills for yourself, but please do not copy + paste, share or publish any material elsewhere without asking for a permission.

I, as a owner of Creastock, founded this company in the very beginning of the year 2000.
I am a globetrotting photojournalist and content writer constantly on the move by trains, planes and automobiles, and often on my own two feet.

I’m a wanderlust minimalist passioned about food and I love hiking and natural hot springs.

I was born and educated in Finland, but I’ve traveled in and to nearly 100 countries and keep returning to my fave places.
Many of those are located in Italy and Japan.
I’ve spent quite many nomadic years, but found my own spot in Belgrade, Serbia few years ago.

I am specialized in working life, industrial and architectural photography, but I also work in the ”third world countries” covering human interest and development work topics for magazines and newspapers.

I have a degree in photography (actually couple of them: advertising and portraiture plus master studies in photojournalism – thought no degree on the latter one being too busy with my work)
I’m also a writer and I produce content for my clients and to my own blogs.

I also give lectures about marketing and entrepreneurship for owners of small businesses.